Without a friendly website, your business lacks visibility. Facebook is not enough. Start being found by the people searching for your type of business.

I'm Clyde, and I can take care of this for you in seconds. No, seriously...

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Why do I need this?

When people are searching for a local business like yours, search engines surface those that it determines are the most legit, and best fit.

If you were a search engine, would you trust a business without a proper website? They don't. There are other factors for ranking in search, such as reviews, but by far the best thing you can do for you business is have a mobile-friendly website designed with all the things that search engines love. That's what I'm here for!

Dealing with web developers, hosting, DNS, website builders, and trying to keep all this up to date is a huge headache, and often expensive. I'm here to relieve you of ALL these pains.

How does this work?

I'm a pretty sly guy. I'm really good at finding information about your business from social media, and other parts of the web. I'll create your site in less than 10 seconds, and keep it up to date automatically. You'll claim it and sign up in 60 seconds. You'll then have a marketing engine working for your business 24 hours a day for about 27 cents a day. I know, it's a no-brainer.

Plus, who doesn't wanna be friends with an awesome fox?

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Instantly generate and maintain your
website using your social networks

No need to contact your second-cousin Jimmy who is itching to make his first website. I’ll do it for you and in far less time. And whenever you need to make an update on your social networks, your website will update too!

The raw essentials.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

Let’s be honest, most small businesses don’t need a huge site but they need something on the web. That’s where I come in. You’ll get a beautiful site with everything your customer needs to know to find you.

SEO? Mobile-ready?
I’ve got you covered.

Get the website you always wanted with almost zero effort. The best part is I’ll make it play nicely with Google and mobile phones. Brilliant, right?

What you get

Each site comes with everything you see here and more!

Beautiful Design

Designed for both form and function, your site will be dressed to impress.

Map and Directions

Never again will your customers have troubles finding your business.

Photos from Instagram

I’ll automagically import your photos from Instagram so you don’t have to.

Call-Me-Now Button

Visitors can ring you conveniently from their mobile phone.

Google Reviews

Visitors can ring you conveniently from their mobile phone.

Events from Facebook

I’ll go grab any Facebook event you post from your business page.

Tasty Pricing
So how bad is this going to hurt your wallet? How does the price of a tasty lunch sound? This simple pricing makes it a no-brainer. I bet you never met a fox who took credit cards.