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“Because so many customers rely solely on the web to steer them toward new companies, a business’s web presence can make or break its success.”
Amelia Peacock, Marketing Analyst at Clutch
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Clyde creates beautiful websites
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with the exact information
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Clyde's websites are:

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Mobile friendly

Over 50% of total web traffic now comes from mobile devices. In some industries it's as high as 90%. At the same time, only about 9% of small business websites are mobile optimized. This is a big advantage for those of us who care to about giving our customers a good experience. But don't take Clyde's word for it. browse your competitors' sites on your mobile device, and see how they hold up.

SEO friendly

Clyde is a bit of a nerd. He pays a lot of attention to how to rank your business higher in search engines, and create great looking and useful listings. He applies this knowledge to your site, and keeps it up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends to strengthen your web presence and give you a leg up on your competitors.

Safe and secure

The technicals are geeky, but again, Clyde has a geeky side. SSL (Secure socket layer) is an encryption system to protect the privacy of data exhanged through a website to and from your customers. All Clyde's sites provide SSL out of the box so you can rest-assured any transactions are secure.

Easy to navigate

Clyde prides himself on his simple, easy-to-navigate designs, optimized for what your customers are looking for, and the devices they're using.


Website speed is not something that users necesssarily know is important to them, yet studies show an overwhelming bias from both users and search engines towards sites that are speedy. Fractions of a second may seem inconsequential when waiting for a website, but you may just want to trust Clyde on this one.

Made with (your) love

Your customers will love you for providing the information they want, the way they want it, on any device they want to find it on. Chances are, Clyde will put your business well ahead of your competitors when it comes to your online presence, and your customers will know you care about providing them a great experience.

Clyde knows what your customers are looking for.

He talks to them, he studies them , he gives them what they want...

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Hours and location

It may seem obvious that the first things most website visitors are looking for when they visit a small business website are contact information, hours, and location. Meanwhile, a staggering number of sites not only don't display this information prominently, but they make it hard to find. Clyde makes this information front and center.

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Third-party validation

Potential customers want validation and approval from your current and past customers, in the form of honest reviews and testimonials. Clyde scours the web for the best reviews of your business to create immediate trust with your website visitors.

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Feedback form

Clyde always adds a secure contact form where users can send feedback and suggestions to your business. This ensures trust, let's your customers feel more connected to you, and gives you an opportunity to learn where you are thriving and where you could improve, in the eyes of your most important assets, your customers. This is priceless information for any small business.

Ipad photos

Let's face it, everyone wants to see photos. Clyde pulls in the best photos he can find of your business, and you can let him decide what to display, or you can choose.

Google business listing
Enhanced Google business listing

With our enhanced Google business listing service, you can rest assured that your business listing is current and optimized to appear as high as possible in Google local search results. This is key to getting found by your potential customers.

Make it your home:

Custom domains

You can keep your new website on our domain, for example:

Or simply point your own domain to it... or just decide later!

Getting a great website has never been this easy.

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